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And, if you haven't read it, Annette Gordon-Reed's "The Hemingses of Monticello" takes a deep look at Jefferson's relations with many members of the Hemings family.

Chad-Why does Monticello chose to exclude any reference to slavery in the "personal" column of this timeline?

This enables Jefferson to be divested from his decisions to own, beat, and rape African Americans so that he can sit atop an uncomplicated pedestal of enlightenment thought, gardening, and science. I just finished listening to "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power" purchased from am impressed by the character and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson.

He was an amazing man who provided an important clear voice in challenging times.

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Revisionist history is so lame but it appears the only history that people who look like him wish to believe in. He supported his community, churches in the area, and was instrumental in establishing the University of Virginia in his later years.

I think all Americans should be proud to have this man as one of your founding fathers.

No one is perfect and he had has weaknesses but he would not have been human if he didn't. He knew that it was profitable, he had a lot of capital (slaves) and he felt strongly that blacks were inferior and shouldn't live among white people. He also knew that slavery was wrong and that he and those just like him were not in God's favor by being slaveholders.

Cedric, have you looked at the Plantation and Slavery sections of our website?

Also, check out our Slavery at Monticello app for i OS and Android devices.

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