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Firefox was designed and developed based on the concept and point of view of building a better Internet by providing the users with what they need, whether it’s speed or security (to learn more about how the Mozilla team are making the web better for you, please see this page).Actually, Firefox was the first to implement the “Do Not Track” feature, in addition to other security features.It can be used to query, or search, the most popular search engines (including Google, Yahoo and even Wikipedia) directly.The search results will be displayed directly in your Firefox browser.For the very first time, you will see all the tabs listed in one group in a thumbnail view mode.To create a new group, simply drag one tab out of the group and drop it on the empty space. You can add more tabs to the group or create another group.

They are represented by their site’s icon on the right side of each Tab Group.

Does your current browser have advanced security options? It is the third most widely used web browser, with approximately 24% of worldwide market share (as announced in July 2012).

Most people focus on and look at one concern in the web browser, which is speed. Before we go any further with this Firefox guide, let us start with some background about Firefox.

To change the active search engine: Bookmarks (known as favorites in some browsers) are lists of web pages that the user finds useful.

By saving bookmarks you can access web pages easily without remembering the address or searching again and again.

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