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The material presented furnishes you with information about situations and issues encountered by most collection system operators and managers regardless of geographic location or climate.The material also provides you with an understanding of the basic O&M concepts for wastewater collection systems and with the tools needed to identify, analyze, and solve system problems as they occur.A document developed by the Cochrane Editorial Unit provides a valuable guidance on how to bring GRADE methods and ratings into the text of your Cochrane Review.Links to additional resources are provided at the website of Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department.O&M programs for wastewater collection systems will vary with the age of the system, the extent and effectiveness of previous programs, local conditions, and funding.With this in mind, adapt the information and procedures in this manual to fit your particular situation.This manual is a practical document that describes the components of a collection system O&M program, including, but not limited to, inspection, mechanical and hydraulic cleaning, pump stations, and budgeting.

opened on and this domain is 0 month old We see that is not using Google Adsense to monetize and , 1202670 Alexa Rank and Country rank shows us how good and useful this site is.It was proposed and developed by the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) Working Group.This set of online learning resources will help you understand the GRADE approach and use it in the preparation of your Cochrane Review.The final and the most comprehensive resource in this pathway is the GRADE Handbook, which deals in detail not only with the use of GRADE approach in systematic reviews, but also with its application in the guideline development process.To select a resource and begin working through the pathway, click a link below.

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