Canadian dating site reviews

As well, a bevy of services are available to paying users not found on the other major sites (video chat for one), and the site boasts more users in Canada than any other dating site in the world.

More » A review of the top dating sites would be odd if it lacked Po F (as it is known to its forum users), as it is considered to be the first successful free dating site model on the Internet.

We hope we’ve convinced you to stop looking for dates in places that will never get you any play, and start looking at the best Canadian dating sites online instead. By the end of our review, we’d gotten a very good idea of what kind of results we were having on each individual website.

If not, go back and read the previous pages until we’ve convinced you. Fortunately, we kept track of all of our results, so it’s easy for you (or anyone who’s curious about dating sites in Canada) to discover what kind of results they’re likely to have on the same sites.

The sites we have listed above are the ones that gave us the absolute best results.

They gave us the most responses to our emails, and we had the best luck in setting up dates on these sites, as well.

Start out by using the sites we’ve mentioned before, up higher on the page: these are not only the best sites, they’re the most legitimate ones as well. While the sites in our top five list will get you a great date in no time, the ones that failed us completely belong in another list, the list of the WORST sites you can use to find a date in Canada.

They are designed to make you feel like you’re getting a pleasant dating experience, all the while tricking you into staying with a site that’s not getting you any dates whatsoever.

Members only see intersection of what they are looking for and what other members are looking for. Free messaging and status posting for undergraduates (5 messages/day limit).

These sites know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re good at it.

If you’ve tried in the past to get a date on one of the sites we’ve mentioned on our worst sites list, it’s not your fault.

They will allow other third parties to scam you, and not do a thing to try and put an end to it.

The best defense is a good offense—and the best way to avoid getting caught by a bad scam site is by subscribing to a great dating website and having a fantastic time.

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