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My daughter has been going through this for quiet some time now and I don't know what to do.She hates wearing clothes, I battle with it all the time. What age should an SPD child start Homeschool/School I have a daughter turning 5 this year.Daughter has a habit of shaking a pen or pencil all day How do I address my daughter and try to correct a habit that I thought she would outgrow?It started when she was around two with a princess wand. 8 year old girl loses it at the smallest things Our daughter (just turned 8 in October 2013) seems very immature for her age, or so it seems.My son is 5 years old and suffers from constipation, faecal impaction and an anal fissure.As a result he is still in nappies and his medication makes …5 Year old must take off pants and underwear to ride in the car My daughter has been getting increasingly particular about many things, but one that stands out as very odd and quite concerning since next year she will … My little boy who has SPD and has periods where he will not listen to me when I ask him to stop doing an unwanted, or even unsafe behavior. Statistics related to SPD and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities I am searching for reliable statistics related to the prevalence of sensory processing disorder among people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities …2.8 year old avoids eye contact with strangers and runs around with humming sound Hi My 2.8 year old child doesnt do eye contact with strangers and runs around with humming sound (sound like EEEEEEEEE.....). My 4 year old has epic tantrums when transitioning or when he does not want to stop doing and activity My 4 year old has epic tantrums when transitioning or when he does not want to stop doing an activity. SPD growling , hurting himself and negative talk (i wish i could die)!!!!! My lovely smart little boy turned 5 on 29th april, on 15th april he changed. My 2 and a half year old daughter is having a problem with clothing being too tight when it's not..

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Daughter's Friend is a sensory seeking child My daughter is 12 years old and in he first year of Middle School.

She has a friend who is generally nice, and comes from a good family, but is a sensory …

Any idea why an 18 month old covers his ears often, knows and follows directions but does not sound words? 4 year old son won't swallow or spit out saliva, refuses to open mouth to speak.

Okay, so my son went across the street for a play date tonight.

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