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And recently, an older white man at the mall became visibly upset after her boyfriend gave her a kiss.

“He was so disgusted and shook his head.” But interracial couples are more common than ever.

Even in the United States, one of the most racially heterogenous nations on Earth, interracial marriages happen at a rate of about seventeen percent [3].

For whatever part if your family has done or say to you, but the truth is whichever races are you mixed with you shouldn't be ashame of any of them you could always take the good parts of each, accept them as yours, and ignore the bad ones. Even if the percentage of homogenous populations decreases in comparison with heterogenous populations meaning there are more racially mixed persons on the planet than nothomogenous populations are not at risk for extinction.

“Focus on one another,” Vanessa Ramirez, 28, suggests.

See, when non white people say they wouldn't feel at ease dating out of race its cool, but when a white person says something like that, its racist, its just racist, thats what I am sick of, I don't feel good hanging out with non white people, thats not racist, thats the truth. If everyone only breeded within one gene pool, it would also make us more vulnerable to diseases because a small amount of interracial datings is wrong shared in a community aren't varied enough to handle a wide variety of diseases, and if one disease happens to plague an individual, then the whole population would die because they share the same genes and have no immunity to certain diseases.The tension between them even caused backlash from the rest of the family. He claimed he wasn’t racist, but did it out of concern for their future children.In 2011 a Kentucky church even voted to ban interracial couples from their congregation.Regardless of what your grandparents think, you aren't a child. Well we get to experience different cultures and enlighten our minds something which you seem to be against doing and the fact is we just don't care about each other being a different race. Natalia Walker’s mother was shocked when she learned her daughter was dating a black man.

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