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Attention, la salle est petite, Il vous faudra donc impérativement réserver.

Surtout le week end., La Mecque des vins argentins.

Recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Serpentina, Jimmy Frasier begins trying to put his life back together.

Eking out a new start in a new city with his new girlfriend, things finally seem to be going well.

But strange things are transpiring, with old friends and new, setting in motion events that will will affect Jimmy, and the fragile peace he’s achieved. With all of her family and friends away from the city, Katie Frasier has begun to move forward with her plan to make River City into a safe and crime free place to live.

Her methods are a bit excessive, believing the ends will justify the means.

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Proximité des cinémas oblige, on y côtoiera plutôt de jeunes urbains, équipés de leurs iphones. A vous les grillades, argentines bien sûr mais aussi françaises.Returning home to face justice, Jimmy Frasier discovers there is more to his case than It seems.Struggling to put the past behind him, he begins working to repair the damage his actions have caused to the community, while Eugene focuses in on the source of the threat.Lisa was mere months from completing her training and becoming a full agent when an unexpected betrayal left her on her own.Can she save her friends and home, or will she fall prey to the same forces that captured them?

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