Youtube not updating views

People want value from the videos they watch and the websites they visit.People want to avoid wasting their time on videos that do nothing for them.In every case, these views are created by a means other than a human watching the video and finding enjoyment of value in its content.

These ad views pay the affiliate network and the video owner a small amount of money per view, and this is often measured in thousands of views.

The viewership audit is not the only process that causes a discontinuity with video views. One of the most powerful aspects of You Tube as a video hosting service is the ability to embed a You Tube video in any other site, be it a forum post, a blog post or a home page.

You Tube provides its own embed code, an easy copy and paste affair that allows even the least tech-savvy webmaster to post an embedded video.

People trust videos with high numbers of views to be valuable or entertaining.

It’s this trust that You Tube fosters with the view count audit and the freeze at 301 .

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