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The horniest shot was when I had to bend over and take a pic of my anus and pussy from the back. She is trained to know your needs even before you know them. Out there you have duties, responsibilities and achievements. Of course, sex will happen whenever and however I choose. She is very tall and slim but with a womanly figure. I can see the crotch is a mesh see-through and I can see a bit of the slit between her pussy lips.They even insisted I spread my ass-cheek with my free hand to show everything. He is dressed in a Japanese deep purple robe with gold trim. Azawa wishes you to turn around." I turn and stand obediently as he looks me over like an object he is assessing. A feminine voice says, "Please bend over." I bend at the waist. Mr Azawa wishes to give you instructions." I sit on the pillow as femininely as possible with my legs, lady-like to one side. His eyes drill into me so intensely that I must break eye contact and look down at his legs and feet. "You are here in my home and in my care for one week. Here you have only one purpose, to serve me and pleasure me. Think only of that and the stresses of your life outside will wash away. I will accept her and train her in the erotic arts.Even though the erotic stories that turned me on the most included whipping and very humiliating scenes, I decided to only authorize mild spanking and mild subjugation They did indicate that during a session with a client, I could increase the levels voluntarily. I turn back to face him and slowly lift my hem to expose my legs up to my panties. I feel the tension drain out of my body and surprisingly, a tear flows from my eye, over my cheek and drips onto the rich silk cloth of his clothing under my head.The male client is very aware of the limits of the escort and if they are breached, he loses his access to any future pliant women from the agency. He smiles when the transparent crotch showing my camel-toe notch comes into view. He strokes my hair lovingly and I drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. Dimly the soft sound of shuffling slippers on the wooden floor. My mind rises slowly towards consciousness from its deep meditation. Near the door are Akiko and the American woman bowing. The woman stands in front of me with Akiko to the side and back.There is a large bathtub on one side, a large wooded bench on the opposite side, a myriad variety of hoses and plumbing fixtures and a small stool in the middle of the room.The air is humid and the smell of soap fills my nostrils.It turned me on to envision giving myself over to a strong, virile man who would use me for our mutual pleasure.I read an article about top businessmen and leading politicians who secretly paid dominatrixes to control them and use them physically and sexually. They were in the same predicament as me, needing a break from controlling others. are getting so good at nailing our personalities from our web browsing. At first, I just thought, no way would I be a submissive escort but then the idea got stuck in my brain.

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I stroke her hair and whisper calming words in a language she doesn't understand. Madison - The Soapland Japanese Bath I open my eyes a tiny bit and Akiko in a colorful kimono is kneeling beside me with a kind, patient look on her face that breaks into a sweet smile as she sees me awaken. In a lilting, very feminine voice, Akiko says, "Miss Madison, I hope you had a relaxing sleep. Yes, that was the most relaxing sleep I've had in years." I feel the collar around my neck. "Miss Madison, please, you must now prepare yourself for Azawa-san with a special Japanese style soap bath. At the door leading into the house are our slippers and we put them on.I'm a feminist and what the hell I thought, what's good for the gander is good for us high-achieving girls. When I was online reading my horny, masochistic stories, messages would pop up about attractive women with normal lives, taking vacations to be a sex escort for a week to service high ranking gentlemen with domineering tastes. I do have a compulsive streak and the idea just kept growing.Eventually, I clicked on the message and when prompted filled out a form requesting more information. The high-class company was only looking for professional, very attractive women like myself who needed a break from high-pressure lives. If you want this, stand, put on this pet collar, remove your clothes and lie with your head in my lap.Her animal nature is sensing the calm and trust in my animal nature. A soft blanket is covering me with the hard, wooden floor under my nude body. Azawa is gone and my head now rests on a small pillow. The sunlight coming through the doors leading out to the garden is subdued. As we go through the winding hallways, I feel self-conscious with my nakedness.We come to a tiled spa room and remove our slippers at the entrance.

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