Updating outlook 2016

For example, compare the population densities of all U. But with the multiple charting options now available, Microsoft Office 2016 gives you more ways to work with the data.

Earlier, an extra add-in would have performed a similar function.

For those who have felt lost among the endless options in Office, the Tell me what you want to do is Clippy’s smarter cousin.

This feature is available across all programs in Office 2016 except One Note.

Maybe, they will include it in the next update but for now the feature makes Office mastery easier and tasks swifter.

Visit the Office Blog to learn more about the modern chart types.

Pro Tip: In Excel 2016, use the Quick Analysis button (right-click context menu) to display a preview of the recommended chart as per your data. Pro Tip: The equation editor has a Select and Correct option if Office fails to recognize the symbols.

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