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Well, it's because they decided to have their adorable little dog Alfie act as the ring bearer during the ceremony.(BTW, can we talk about how freaking cute that name is for a British dog??And just to see how completely crazy we are, imagine the price is about the same for either bridge. Black Swans, positive feedbacks, and un-modeled disasters Yet another layer of risk comes from the fact that we are basically assuming no surprises, while ignoring known feedbacks.Just 3 of these feedbacks could, by themselves, increase the global temperature by nearly 2.5C.As far as the couple was concerned, there was no other candidate for the position of ring bearer.This one was a no-brainer."Alfie is a huge part of our lives and there was never a decision made to have him as our ring bearer. "He's such a great part of our relationship and we wanted to have him involved in our family's big day."As if things couldn't get any cuter than this, Alfie's parents even got a custom suit made for him to wear to the big day, according to Buzz Feed.

In order to operationalize it, the IPCC developed a carbon budget in their Fifth Assessment Report released in 2013 and they recently updated it.If you throw in other GHG such as methane, the situation gets worse.According to analysis by To understand just how crazy this is, it might help to conduct a little thought experiment.If you look at the budget in tons of carbon dioxide (not tons of carbon), by the end of this year we can only emit about 800 billion more tons to have a “likely” chance of staying below 2C of warming.“Likely” means a 66% probability or, to make that concrete, that’s like putting 2 bullets in the chamber of a six gun, putting it to our temples, and taking our chances.

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    Profiles may include up to 26 photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they're searching for.