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(See Part 64.) Even when the full scope of the Holocaust was known, and thousands of Holocaust survivors were stranded in refugee camps (DP camps), the British refused to relent.

One of the most egregious of the British actions involved the refugee ship, Exodus, which the Royal Navy intercepted in 1947 in the Mediterranean Sea with 4,500 Jews aboard.

Writes David Ben Gurion in his Israel: A Personal History (p.

65): "The British did not lift a finger to stop this military invasion.

(Areas with a majority of Jewish population would go to the Jews while areas with an Arab majority would go to the Arabs).

The proposal called for the Jews to get: Jerusalem was to be under international control.

They had 100,000 soldiers/police trying to maintain control with a total population of about 600,000 Jews and 1.2 million Arabs.(Interestingly, until its independence in 1947, they had the same size force controlling India with a population of over 350 million!) And so it came to pass that the British turned the matter over to the UN which decided to end the British Mandate over what was left of "Palestine" (after the creation of the country of Jordan) and to divide the remaining land among the Arabs and Jews, based on the demographic reality within the country.As disappointed as the Jews were with the portion allotted for the Jewish state, they felt that something was better than nothing after all the waiting and the pain.However, the Arabs, always maximalist in their demands, rejected the UN resolution.

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