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Recording Your Military Discharge Document The Delaware County Recorder of Deeds will scan and record a veteran’s DD-214 or other documentation for separation from the military at the Recorder of Deeds office, room 108 in the Delaware County Government Center, Media. The document copies are only accessible by the veteran, his or her family or authorized military personnel.Veterans Photo ID Card Veterans who have filed a copy of their military discharge documents can access a free Veterans Photo ID card through the Recorder of Deeds office.The Recorder of Deeds was an elected post before the advent of the Home Rule Charter. Judge, Sr., The Recorder of Deeds processes and preserves records relating to real property dating back to the year1789, the year Delaware County was founded.Documents processed include Deeds, Mortgages, Satisfactions of Mortgage, Financial Statements, Veterans Discharge Papers, Notary Publics, Police Commissions, Highway Plans, Subdivision Plans, Powers of Attorney, Assignments of Mortgage, and Releases of Mortgage.It can be hard to break the pattern of abuse, but it is possible.Child abuse includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse.If a child is neglected, child protection authorities could intervene and remove the child from his or her parents. In some cases, one person may want power and complete control over their partner and will use different ways (including physical violence) to get it.For example, they try to control things such as: This type of abuse almost always gets worse over time.

It may include a single act of violence, or a number of acts that form a pattern of abuse.

There are also special laws to protect children from sexual abuse and from sexual activities that exploit them.

Emotional abuse happens when a person uses words or actions to control, frighten or isolate someone or take away their self-respect.

Emotional abuse is sometimes called psychological abuse.

It can include: Most forms of financial abuse are crimes, including theft and fraud.

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