Manullay invalidating session values on session time out

So-called native handlers, are save handlers which are either compiled into PHP or provided by PHP extensions, such as PHP-Sqlite, PHP-Memcached and so on.All native save handlers are internal to PHP and as such, have no public facing API.would be set to a relatively large number of days, weeks or months.It is not uncommon to set cookies for a year or more depending on the application.Setting the cookie lifetime here is not appropriate because that can be manipulated by the client, so we must do the expiry on the server side.

Symfony provides several implementations which you may further customize as required.

A new cookie will only be issued when the session is destroyed, the browser cookie is deleted, or the session ID is regenerated using the There are often circumstances where you may want to protect, or minimize unauthorized use of a session when a user steps away from their terminal while logged in by destroying the session after a certain period of idle time.

For example, it is common for banking applications to log the user out after just 5 to 10 minutes of inactivity.

Symfony records some basic metadata about each session to give you complete freedom in this area.

will be used if the MPM is threaded and not forked (such is the case on Windows), or if it threaded, forked, but only one process is allowed (the worker MPM can be configured to run this way). Note that on Windows if you are using multiple Python interpreter instances and you need sessions to be shared between applications running within the context of the distinct Python interpreter instances, you must specifically indicate that is not provided, the object will attempt to look at cookies for session id.

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