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'I co-slept with both my children and breastfed them until they were between nine and 12 months,' Lynnea said on the ITV breakfast chat show today.

Unmoved, the call handler asks: 'Why didn't you leave?Standing with his hands behind his back, he says: 'This is all news to me.'A female decoy, who claims she was targeted by him, says: 'Well, it's not. You've been talking to me non-stop all week.' He says: 'None of you are even listening to me. ' The male hunter replies: 'Because you're a sexual predator.' The suspect heads for his car, but the hunters block the door and put him under citizen's arrest.When he resists, three men tackle him to the ground while the woman calls 999.Can she remember things that happened when she was 2 years old?Lynne isn't saying her children witness their love making.

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