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Note that emails transferred to Outlook will show up as "read" (at least in Yahoo).

While in Send/Receive, Define Send Receive Groups, select account, and click Account Properties, Advanced tab, and modify as desired.

I read my email everyday, I click "Send & Receive" I see at the bottom of screen how many messages coming in and my beep that new messages have arrived but it won't show them so I can read them. augie Although this addresses Outlook 2010, the same features are available in 20.

For a lot of issues , like this one, the first thing I do is check the Windows date/time. I use Mailwasher Pro to "wash" my e-mail from my e-mail server.--- end quote --- The help article continues with a description of some of the following information.If you select downloading only headers the message body is not downloaded until you select the message for downloading, and then invoke the download. Depending upon whether or not you want to know about arriving email quickly, or maybe not so often, a more reasonable value might be 15 to 60 minutes.(Note: The email may sit at other intermediate points on the internet until "enough" messages need to be delivered.) You can change the default action of deleting emails from the email server as they are transferred to Outlook to "Leave a copy of messages on the server".That way you can use a web based client to read emails if your Outlook is not available, also giving you a "backup" of the emails.

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