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Then you can you use that money towards a flight at anytime.

The only downside is the credit takes almost a month to post to your WEst Jet account.

But complimentary service aside, sometimes it doesn’t feel like they have the “people’s interest” in mind.

Recent headway made in the way airlines are able to promote flights without including taxes & surcharges should help regular folks like us out a bit, but at the end of the day, flying within Canada is and always will be expensive. If you don’t recognize the name Porter, chances are you’re from Western Canada.

The planes are sleek, they have LOADS of sales so if you are willing to wait for a sale you can often get a substantial discount and as Jodi explained, you never go hungry (or thirsty for that matter).

Not their fault, I know, but if you can’t sleep during the night flights, you might as well gauge your eyes out.

If Westjet were to ever upgrade their entertainment units they could totally drop to one knee and pop the question, and chances are this guy would say yes! Westjet pulled thru, so they had me at “hello”.”A little bit of an echo in here now, but in the past I have preferred Westjet because they staff were typically more friendly and laidback than Air Canada.

While Air Canada remains the most travelled airline in Canada, it’s had a bumpy past.

In 2003 Air Canada had to file for Bankruptcy protection, and it seems there’s always talk in the news of its financial difficulties or of an upcoming strike.

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