Aurora dating

For us, it's a great opportunity -- shipyards that can take this [demographic] into consideration are only shipyards that build full custom ships."The Aurora is the second of three extravagant super yachts set to be delivered this year to clients of Rossinavi.

The shipyard has roots dating to 1980, when brothers Claudio and Paride Rossi worked as subcontractors, assembling passenger ships on behalf of other builders in a previous incarnation of their business operating under the name Fratelli Rossi.

The maiden voyage of the Aurora -- a new 160-foot, .6 million aluminum super yacht launched last week in Viareggio, Italy -- lasted less than one hour and only covered a humble 500 yards.

It also took place entirely on land, when all 320 tons of the boat were loaded atop heavy duty, remote-controlled dollies and carefully rolled from the shed where it was constructed to the edge of the Mediterranean.

Rossinavi enlists a naval architect outside the company to collaborate on ensuring the vessel can meet technical requirements like speed, range, and propulsion, as determined by the client's preference. Sometimes the same person or firm handles both duties, and most often they are selected from a pool of frequent collaborators, like Fulvio de Simoni, Tommaso Spadolini or Venice's Team for Design.

Odnean, who had grabbed her from behind, fell on top of her.

Last year, the company partnered with the International University of Monaco to research what yachts for millennials could look like, focusing on environmental impact, implementation of new technology, safety concerns and updated aesthetics. People generally want the same boat: classic," he says.

"Millennials are used to going outside the general boundaries.

"[But], I will say, we are not very happy about it."Once the plans are finalized and a fee negotiated (plans for the Aurora took four months to finalize) construction begins at one of Rossinavi's waterfront properties in Viareggio or their work site in nearby Pisa.

Achille Salvagni, the Rome-based architect and interior designer who has worked on three Rossinavi super yachts, including the Aurora, says the Rossi's status as Italy's only family-owned and operated super yacht shipyard separates it from the pack.

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