Perks of dating a fireman

I’ve seen a whole fire house empty out into a parking lot carrying sledge hammers and axes to fight a whole ‘nother fire house that showed up on miscellaneous pieces of fire apparatus. Of course, they usually also have all the necessary skills to patch one another up when they’ve gotten it all out of their system. Usually we’re too busy trying to avoid assignment at the busiest district unless we’re young, highly motivated and eager to fatten up our personnel file with good stuff so we can pursue a transfer to a special unit.The difference here is that firefighter PRIDE is usually what’s driving the fight. “The Lifestyle”: There is no doubt about it – being a law enforcement professional is a 24/7/365 lifestyle that impacts not only the cop but the cop’s family.First, please understand, that I do truly believe the calling to public safety service, or even uniformed service in general, is in the blood.I am adopted child, separated from my mother at birth.MOST of the ones I know are employed in “blue collar” jobs.Those jobs are what they do to pay their bills, and it’s time away from the firehouse that they tolerate out of necessity.

Since our owning company (Cygnus Business Media) owns properties that serve all aspects of the public safety industry (law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel), part of the discussion was about the differences that exist in the PEOPLE who fulfill those different positions.They spend the necessary time with the families too, but they LIVE to be at the firehouse, eagerly awaiting the call to a working fire.I can’t begin to describe the disappointment I’ve heard when a fire truck arrives on the scene and there’s “smoke showing,” only to find out that it’s “food left on the stove.No fire.” Often, if you ask these brave folks (and I’m not kidding about that; more in a moment) what they do, they’ll identify themselves as a firefighter even though that’s not where they get their paycheck. It’s the driving motivator in their day to day life.It’s what’s on their mind 24/7 as much as possible.

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