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There are almost no words to do Hunter justice; when she breaks into a smile, you could almost warm your hands over the screen.

Shortly after angrily breaking things off with Kumail, Emily is hospitalized with a mysterious infection and placed in a medically induced coma, a shock that brings Kumail back into the picture and forces him to spend several days waiting for good or bad news with her out-of-town parents, Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano).

The latter bit will come as no surprise to those who saw the crowd-pleasing documentary “Meet the Patels,” which similarly addressed the informal, family-driven dating services that often thrive in immigrant communities.

Fans of “Master of None” will likewise spot parallels between Nanjiani and that show’s Indian American star, Aziz Ansari, both aspiring entertainers with an ambivalent relationship to their Muslim upbringing.

As they spend several evenings hooking up, hanging out and watching Kumail’s favorite horror movies at his endearingly crummy bachelor pad, the prickly and propulsive rhythm of their banter alone is a delightful testament to their compatibility.

But Emily soon realizes the extent to which Kumail, for all his outwardly Western ways, remains beholden to the rigid expectations of his family’s culture.

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