Updating achtung

In October of 1939, next variant Ausf D was produced by Krupp-Gruson and it was produced until May of 1941 with total of 229 produced.Panzer IV Ausf D was truly the first production model and remained in service until 1944.The assemblies were attached to longitudinal twin quarter-elliptic leaf springs bolted to the hull.

Ausf As were production / development prototypes and 5 were used for further testing while 30 saw combat service until 1941.

Krupp concentrated on the development of the turret while MAN worked on the running gear – VK 2001(MAN).

All vehicles had similar characteristics but after extensive tests Krupp’s design – VK 2001(K) was selected to enter full-scale production. In 1935, Krupp after receiving order to produce its design, modified it by incorporating best features of existing designs.

It featured new design driver’s visor, drive sprocket and commander’s cupola. From April of 1941 to March of 1942, 487 of another variant Ausf F1(F) were producedby Krupp-Gruson along with Vomag and Nibelungenwerke.

Ausf F1 was the last of Panzerkampfwagen IVs based on the short version chassis and armed with 75mm L/24 gun.

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